The Maplewood Police Department Investigations Division is under the direction of Lieutenant Joe Steiner. Lt. Steiner directs the activities of seven detectives.


The investigations division handles a wide variety of cases and the associated evidence, ranging from general property crime, complex frauds, and forgeries, to all manner of violent crime. 

Three detectives are assigned general investigations, though each may have his or her area of specialization. 

Two detectives focus on juvenile matters, with one providing school resource services to those schools located in Maplewood from Independent School Districts 622 and 623. The other is assigned other juvenile cases not necessarily related to schools. 

One detective is assigned to the Ramsey County Violent Crime Enforcement Team (VCET), a multi-jurisdictional unit focusing on violent and drug crimes throughout Ramsey County. 

An auto theft detective was added in late 2019 through a grant aimed at the investigation of and reduction in crimes related to motor vehicles. 

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