Volunteer Opportunities

The Maplewood Police Department has several volunteer opportunities for many age ranges and levels of interest. Volunteers provide an invaluable amount of time in assisting the department and their community.

Volunteer opportunities include Police Reserves and internships as well as various other areas of interest.


The Maplewood Police Department provides internship opportunities for students pursuing their degrees in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, or other similar fields. 

For more information regarding the availability of an internship, contact Commander Dave Kvam by phone at 651-249-2603 or email Dave Kvam.


Maplewood Reserve Officers serve as an integral part of the Police Department, assisting with various duties and events including patrolling the city, traffic control, and providing security at local events and crime scenes. Reserves vary in their reasons for volunteering ranging from community members who want to give back to law enforcement students.

For more information regarding Reserve Officers and how to apply, visit the Reserves page.