Street Sweeping


Street sweeping is necessary for vehicle and pedestrian safety, water quality, and environmental concerns. Annual street sweeping is also a requirement of the City of Maplewood’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. View Maplewood's Street Sweeping Policy for additional information.
Please note: It is a violation of City Code and State Statute to throw, blow, place, or discharge leaves or any other materials onto a public roadway.


Spring sweeping consists of 2 complete rounds. The first round of sweeping begins as soon as temperatures allow and streets are significantly clear of snow and ice. While some curb lines may still have ice buildup, the objective is to sweep the majority of winter de-icing materials and other road debris prior to spring rainfalls. The second “clean-up round” is in conjunction with the cleaning of right turn islands, center medians, bridge decks, and sidewalks.


Summer sweeping operations occur during street maintenance operations, where erosion problems exist, after heavy rainfall events, and after wind/storm events. These operations could be isolated to certain areas or city-wide.


Fall sweeping commences in mid October and continues as long as weather permits in an effort to prevent leaves and other materials from entering the storm sewer system, ponds, streams, and lakes.