Design Standards

The Maplewood Engineering department has developed our own engineering standards, specifications, and standard plates. 

All of these documents are to be used as guidelines for construction in Maplewood. All quantities shall be referred to in the U.S. customary units for basis of payment, unless otherwise required. 

ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
In accordance with the City of Maplewood's ADA Transition Plan (PDF), for each City CIP project, scheduled street/utility project, and pedestrian facility maintenance project the City performs a detailed review of the existing facilities for ADA compliance.
ADA page
If users of the City of Maplewood's facilities located within the rights-of-way believe the City has not provided reasonable accommodations they may submit a complaint by filling out an ADA Grievance Form (PDF). A response to the complaint will be made within 30 days. For more information please call Public Works at 651-249-2400.

Engineering Standards

The Maplewood Engineering Standards (PDF) and Maplewood Stormwater Standards (PDF) are guidelines for development and preparation of engineering plans for construction in the City of Maplewood.

Maplewood Specifications

The Maplewood Specifications (PDF) (MW) are an amendment to the governing specifications that are set forth in the Minnesota Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Construction, 2000 Edition, as applies.

They modify the Minnesota Department of Transportation's (MN/DOT) specifications and tailor them to meet the needs of project construction in the City of Maplewood. The Maplewood specifications (MW) are further amended by the special conditions (SC) that tailor the specifications to a particular project.

The specifications set minimum standards to which the project must be constructed. The use of materials or methods of construction that surpass the minimum standards are acceptable.

Proper testing and inspection of the project construction work is of the utmost importance. See Special Condition 1603.

Standard Plates

The Maplewood Standard Plates (PDF) are an integral part of the Maplewood Specifications. They also serve as a guideline for construction in Maplewood.