Dog Permit

No person shall own, keep, harbor, or have custody of any dog over 3 months of age without first obtaining a permit.

Exempt from permit requirements are the following:
  • Dogs of non-residents of the City, being kept in the City for no longer than 30 days annually
  • Police Canines of any political subdivision
  • Certified seeing eye and other handicapped aid dogs
  • Bona fide working dogs (guard dogs, search dogs, etc)

The City Council approved the ordinance relating to dogs and cats on November 28, 2016.  Effective December 7, 2016, cats within the city of Maplewood are not required to be permitted; however, owners are required to maintain up to date rabies vaccination for all cats within their possession, and abide by the limitation in number of cats kept on a residential property, as detailed below.

A limit of two (2) dogs or cats over 3 months of age is allowed to be kept on properties zoned residential R-1 or R-2.  A limit of one (1) dog or cat of ANY age is allowed to be kept on properties zoned residential R-3.  A Small Kennel license may be obtained for eligible residents having up to three dogs (not applicable to cats).

Code Requirements

Guidance relating to Dog permits is contained in the Maplewood City Code, Chapter 10, Article III. All permit holders are required to be familiar with the provisions of this Chapter.   

Application Requirements



The Dog permit is a 2-year permit, expires December 31st of each even year and may be renewed at that time.