2024 Maplewood Street Improvements

The 2024 Maplewood Street Improvements is a street and utility improvement project proposed for construction in 2024. This project consists of two project areas as shown on the project location maps and further described below.

The Public Hearing for this project was held at the City Council meeting on February 12, 2024. After considering input from area residents, the City Council ordered the improvements. This project is currently under design, with plans to be advertised for bids in late March-early April 2024. If a contract is awarded, construction would begin in late May and continue throughout the summer into November of 2024. As the project progresses, area residents will be notified via mail. Additional neighborhood meetings will occur throughout the process as well. 

Cypress-Maplewood Drive Area

The Cypress-Maplewood Drive Area portion of the project will focus mostly on the replacement of the failing street pavement. Improvements in this area are likely to include the reclamation of the existing street pavement (essentially roto-tilling the pavement into the aggregate base below), the spot replacement of severely deteriorated concrete curb and gutter, installation of new asphalt pavement, and restoration of disturbed boulevard areas.

East Shore Drive Area

The East Shore Drive Area portion of the project will include a full reconstruction of area streets. This will include the replacement of older cast-iron watermain piping, repairs to the sanitary sewer system, installation of additional storm sewer piping and catch-basins, installation of water-quality features (rain gardens, infiltration basins, etc.), the installation of concrete curb and gutter on all streets, and the installation of new asphalt pavement. This area will also be reviewed under the City's Living Street's policy, which helps guide the design in regards to street widths, the need for sidewalks or trails in the area, along with the need for on-street parking.

As always, please feel free to contact the project team at any time. That's what we're here for!  

Project Documents