2627 Stillwater Rd

The property owner (applicant) has requested approval for ten residential apartment units at 2627 Stillwater Rd E. City Zoning Code requires a conditional use permit for multiple dwelling units. The city approved six residential units on the property in February 1985. This approval was before the current code requiring a conditional use permit was in effect. After the six units were approved, four additional units were added to the building without zoning approval. 

The applicant requests a conditional use permit for these additional units on the property. Historically, there has been a mix of commercial and residential dwelling units within the building. This request, if approved, would formally authorize the ten existing residential dwelling units and would not increase the number of units beyond what exists today. If approved by the City Council, all units would be required to meet all standards and requirements for residential habitable space

The Approval Process - Where does this project currently stand?

Planning Commission - Reviewed this request on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 and recommended APPROVAL 

     Staff Report 

     Meeting Minutes will be posted once available

City Council - TABLED the review of this item on May 8, 2023

     Staff Report 

     Meeting Minutes 

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