Ponds at Battle Creek – now referred to as South Maplewood – Century Avenue Redevelopment Properties

City of Maplewood and Ramsey County are working together to plan for potential future use of the 88-acre Ponds at Battle Creek golf course site and a 77-acre undeveloped parcel just north of the Ramsey County Correctional Facility. Both sites are owned by Ramsey County.

Community Engagement

The plan will involve community engagement scheduled through Spring 2021:

Redevelopment Plan - Scope of Work

Both of the sites are owned by Ramsey County. However, Ramsey County made the decision to cease operations of the Ponds at Battle Creek Golf Course. Although neither property is currently for-sale, the County is considering various options for disposing of the properties.

Due to their size, development of either site will have a significant impact on the immediate neighborhood and potentially the entire city. Therefore, the City of Maplewood is interested in working with the County to best guide any future development, should it occur, so that it is consistent with the City’s comprehensive plan and is vetted by the property’s neighbors.

Currently, the Ponds at Battle Creek site is guided, according to the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, as park or open space. Meanwhile, the northern undeveloped site is guided for institutional use. In both cases, these planned land uses are based on Ramsey County continuing to own the sites and maintain their current uses indefinitely. Assuming that the planned land uses for these sites will likely change as part of this planning process, it is anticipated that one or both of the redevelopment plans would ultimately be adopted by the City of Maplewood as amendments to its Comprehensive Plan.

The City of Maplewood not only sees this planning effort as an opportunity to provide a more realistic vision for these two sites should a new owner desire to change their land use, but it would also give Ramsey County, as the current owner, more certainty in how the City of Maplewood and other stakeholders view the future of these sites should the County decide to sell either or both sites.

For more information on Ramsey County's decision to close the Ponds at Battle Creek Golf Course, click HERE.

Project Area

Project Area

Property A is a County-owned, 77-acre undeveloped site in the eastern portion of Maplewood’s Battle Creek neighborhood with access from South Century Avenue. To the south is the Ramsey County Correctional Facility; to the North and West is Battle Creek Regional Park. To the east is residential property in the City of Woodbury.

Property B is the County-owned 88-acre Ponds at Battle Creek golf course, 601 South Century Avenue. To the north, across Lower Afton Road, is the Ramsey County Correctional Facility. 

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Public Engagement During COVID-19:

During the pandemic in order to ensure the safety of all parties, the City of Maplewood will rely on engagement strategies that are virtual (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams meetings, Business Skype meetings) and then integrate, as possible, other techniques to reach those for whom the digital divide is too great (e.g., using cable access, direct mail, phone hotline, etc.).

This webpage will serve as the home for all documents and materials related to this project. In addition, there will be additional engagement opportunities hosted on this page as the project continues. 

Project Updates

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