Top 30 Solar Sites

We conducted a rooftop survey of all buildings in Maplewood, identified 30 buildings which are ideal solar PV sites that represent a range of building types found in Maplewood. We then developed detailed solar feasibility assessments of these "Top 30" sites to identify just how good solar could be for these buildings. 

Feasibility Efforts

The feasibility efforts were identical to what was done for the Re-Energize Your Business effort, and the results are pretty astounding: in total, these sites could produce over 24,000,000 kwh in solar electricity annually!

Helpful Resources

Read the Re-Energize Maplewood! report for more on these solar potentials explored throughout Maplewood.

Top 30 Maplewood Solar Sites Could Produce Over 24,000,000 KWH in Solar Energy!

Solar Panels on Top of MCC