There are a variety of training topics/opportunities provided to all reserve officers. It starts with a three-session academy that all new reserve officers undergo. All reserve officers undergo a period of field training, during which they received hands on training on all of our patrol related duties/activities. At each monthly meeting different reserve officers are assigned to set up training that is in some way related to what we do. Other training is provided on various topics.

Reserve Academy

The academy consists of three sessions.

Session 1

  • Basic Orientation - Explain policies, how we operate and other administrative functions
  • Blood-borne Pathogens Training
  • Issue of Uniform/Equipment

Session 2

  • Basic City Geography - A quick overview of the geography of Maplewood; more in depth geography training takes place during Field Training
  • Radio Training - Explain operation of Radio System and operation of radios
  • Squad Orientation - Overview of all the equipment in our squads and their use
  • Traffic Control - Covers traffic control responsibilities, equipment, methods of traffic control
  • Basic Firearm Familiarization

Session 3

  • Use of Force
  • Defensive Tactics

Monthly Meetings

Training is set up by reserves each month at our monthly meeting.

Field Training

All new reserve officers undergo a period of field training that is broken down into several phases. Each phase concentrates on different aspect of reserve responsibilities and duties during patrol shifts. New officers ride with a training officer until they have demonstrated that they understand and are competent in each training topic for each of the four phases of training.

Other Training

We conduct training sessions at each monthly meeting. (scenarios/role playing, policy/procedure review, officer safety review)

  • Bike Patrol - Reserve officers can receive training to participate in bike patrol
  • CPR/AED - We have several reserve officers who are CPR instructors; all Reserve officers are required to be CPR/AED/Basic First Aid certified
  • Department Policies/Procedures - Knowledge and application of all Maplewood Police Department Protocols
  • WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction