Big Tree Registry

Maplewood's Search for Big Trees

Maplewood is developing a registry of the largest native trees in the city. Trees are awarded points for circumference, height and crown spread. When a contender is found to be largest of its kind in Maplewood, it is designated "The Champion" and is listed on Maplewood's Big Tree Registry (PDF).

The Maplewood Big Tree Registry is a administered by the Maplewood Nature Center. If you have questions, please call 651-249-2170.

Nominate a Tree

Do you know any huge, old trees that amaze or inspire you? Please help us identify the champion individuals for the forty-four coniferous and deciduous tree species native to Maplewood. To nominate a tremendous tree, download the nomination form (PDF) and mail completed form to Maplewood Nature Center.

After a tree is nominated, trained volunteers measure the tree and take its photo. The measuring protocol follows that of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Big Tree Registry. For details on how the measurements are taken, visit the State's Measuring a Tree webpage.

Tree measuring kits are available at Maplewood Nature Center. Kits can be checked out for four weeks with a $15 returnable deposit.

Big Trees are Valuable!

Did you know that one large tree can:

  • Absorb 30 tons of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.
  • Cause as much as a 35 degree cooling difference in air temperature.
  • Produce enough oxygen for 2 to 4 people.
  • Remove 60 to 70 times the amount of air pollution as a small tree.
  • Take time today, to appreciate our old woody friends!

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