Local Food Questions

Can I raise chickens in the city?

Yes, the city has an ordinance allowing residence to have up to 10 chickens (hens only) with a permit. For more information visit the Raising Chickens webpage.

Where can I rent a community garden plot?

The city manages a community garden at Edgerton Park. Plots can be rented by the public. Visit the city's Community Garden Webpage.

How can I preserve my homegrown vegetables?

Many people can and pickle the vegetables to be enjoyed on a later date. Freezing vegetables is another way to preserve the produce. Simply Organized Living has a good vegetable Freezing Guide (PDF) on their website.

What can I do with my extra produce from my CSA or home garden?

According to the EPA an estimated 50 million Americans do not have access to enough food. By donating extra produce you can help feed someone in need. Contact Second Harvest Heartland or The Emergency Food Shelf about their donation process.

Can I raise bees?

Yes, as long as the bees do not cause a nuisance to the neighbors. For more information contact the Environment and Economic Development Department at 651-249-2300.

Can I compost in my yard?

Yes, you can compost small amounts of garden waste and kitchen scraps in the back yard. Compost must be located at least 5 feet from property lines and must not cause a nuisance to neighbors. Visit the city's composting and yard waste webpage for more information.