2040 Comprehensive Plan

How do I get involved in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update?

The City has begun work on its 2040 Comprehensive Plan, As part of the planning process, we have a fun new tool that allows you to share some of your thoughts about our community.  Maplewood’s interactive mapping website allows you identify areas of the City that you love and those you think need work moving forward, as well as leave us comments about housing, parks, retail, and safety throughout the City.  You can weigh in on what you consider to be the strengths of the community, challenges that may need to be addressed, and opportunities that you think will make our community a better place in the future. Click the image to the right to get started!

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What is a Comprehensive Plan? 

Comprehensive Plans identify a community’s long-term vision, goals, policies, strategies and options for guiding future changes and investments. In Maplewood, this plan will address future land use, economic development, transportation, natural resources, housing, historic resources, parks and surface water. These plans provide a road map for communities looking 20 years into the future. In April 2017, Maplewood began to work on its update of the existing 2030 Comprehensive Plan to help set the stage for the city’s growth and development into the year 2040.

Why is the City Updating Its Comprehensive Plan? 

State law requires that Comprehensive Plans be updated at least every 10 years, and align with the Metropolitan Council’s regional system plans related to highways, transit, airports, wastewater services, parks and open space. Maplewood's last major comprehensive plan update was completed in January 2010. The City is required to complete this Comprehensive Plan update, submit it to the Metropolitan Council for review and approval, and adopt it by the end of 2018.

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System Statement

What is the Process? 

In general, the process will involve:

  • A full review and evaluation of the current comprehensive plan
  • Identification of specific issues that need updating
  • Facilitation of community review and input opportunities
  • A comprehensive update of the plan
  • Plan review and adoption by the Maplewood's Planning Commission and City Council

The City has hired planning consultants Hoisington Koegler Group Inc. to assist with the process. The process is expected to take about a year, with anticipated completion in mid-2018. 

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2030 Cover

2040 Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee was selected to guide the project and consists of the city council, representatives from each of the city's board and commissions and other community members representing residents, businesses, faith institutions and governmental partners.

Meeting Agendas, Packets & Notes

Meeting Presentations
September 21, 2017 (PDF) | Archived
  1. Michael Martin, AICP

    Economic Development Coordinator
    Phone: (651) 249-2303

First Draft (November 2017) of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan

A working draft of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan has been prepared to provide a foundation for discussions about plan directions. It is anticipated that this draft will continue to be revised based on feedback from the Steering Committee, Planning Commission, and City Council over the next few months. Consultations with the community will begin in January 2018 to solicit input from the community about the plan’s goals, policies, and actions. All of the input received over the next three months will be used to create a revised draft that will be reviewed by the Steering Committee in February.

  1. Introduction
  2. Community Profile
  3. Land Use
  4. Critical Area Plan
  5. Housing
  6. Economic Development
  7. Natural Resources
  8. Resilience
  9. Historical Resources
  10. Parks Trails and Open Space
  11. Transportation
  12. Surface Water
  13. Sanitary Sewer
  14. Community Engagement
  15. Link to Draft Plan as a Single PDF

2040 Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee Members

Name Organization
Nora Slawik City Council
Kathleen Juenemann City Council
Marylee Abrams City Council
Tou Xiong City Council
Bryan Smith City Council
Fred Dahm Planning Commission
Jon Donofrio Planning Commission
Bill Kempe Community Design Review Board
Mollie Miller Environmental & Natural Resources Commission 
Kimii Porter Parks & Recreation Commission 
John Gasper Heritage Preservation Commission 
Brian Finley Housing & Economic Development Commission 
Joy Tkachuck Resident
George Gonzalez Resident
Carol Maloney  Resident
Jennifer Lewis Maplewood Mall
Jonathan Schmelz Schmelz Countryside
Laura Keithahn HealthEast
Jillian Prosser Allina Health
Joshua Vang Hmong Alliance Church
Kristin Reither YMCA - Maplewood Community Center
Justin Hollis Ramsey County
Benosi Maduka Alternate - Housing & Economic Development Commission 
Craig Brannon  Alternate - Parks & Recreation Commission 
Mary Lou Egan  Alternate - Ramsey County
Katy Kuball Alternate - Allina Health