Energize Maplewood! Energy Challenge

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The Maplewood community is powering down! Ninety-eight (98) households of friends, neighbors and colleagues are competing on twelve teams in the Energize Maplewood! Team Energy Challenge. The team that saves the most energy and scores the most points between January 1 and May 31, 2016 will earn the title "biggest energy losers" and the grand prize - $500 for the winning team! Along the way, participants will have opportunities to win monthly prizes and attend family-friendly, educational events. The goal: 

  • Save energy and money
  • Create a more comfortable, healthy home
  • Fix home problems
  • Reduce carbon footprint and help the environment
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The Challenge is focused on "teams" so participants wouldn't have to learn about energy saving solutions on their own. Team members lean on each other and team captains for support, information, inspiration, and fun. 

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