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State of the City 2017 was held on January 12, 2017 

Business leaders, elected officials and City staff came together Jan. 12 for the second annual State of the City luncheon. More than 150 people attended the event that was highlighted by an address from Mayor Nora Slawik. 
During her remarks, Slawik noted there were five times during 2016 when she said to herself, “this is it, this is the best thing that has ever happened to our City.”

Those fives things were:
  • The March grand opening of 3M’s research and development building. At nearly a half-million square feet, the $150 million building will be home to as many as 750 researchers and scientists, keeping these jobs in Minnesota. The City performed the building inspections and supported TIF funding for the project.
  • In May, the Mayor attended the first annual Laugh-In event at the Maplewood Community Center. Laugh-In was part of Kid City, an arts program funded through a State Arts Board grant from the legislature The Laugh-In event included booths, performing artists and a joke swap contest between police officers and the City Council that had the audience in stitches. And what was the winning joke that a young man submitted to the police? “What sings and chews on trees? Justin Beaver.”
  • In August, on a perfect summer day, the Mayor attended the ribbon cutting at Frost English Villages, an economic and redevelopment success story. She noted the first phase, built by Sherman and Associates, includes affordable rental apartments. Located on the site of the old Maplewood Bowl. It took nearly 10 years for the project to come to fruition. Phase Two will feature market rate senior housing near beautiful parks and the trails.
  • Then, in October, which is Domestic Violence Month, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi and Jen Polzin, the CEO of Tubman Center East, came to a City Council meeting to tout the success of the City’s pilot domestic violence joint prosecution program. “The bottom line is we are working to crack down on domestic violence as well as break the cycle that can be so destructive to our families,” Slawik said. 
  • Also in October, the Mayor was part of a large group who visited Fish Creek to celebrate the new one-mile ADA accessible paved loop. Fish Creek, located at Carver Ave. and Henry Ln. in the south leg, is a gorgeous bluff top trail originally slated to be a housing development. She said it is now preserved by the City and Ramsey County as well as several other partners for the City’s families to enjoy.
The Mayor explained she and her Council colleagues also made tough decisions in 2016 for the good of the City,
including: the operations agreement between the Maplewood Community Center and the YMCA to stop the financial losses, approving a workgroup to look at the Maplewood Police Department’s use of force policy in the wake of the Philando Castile shooting in Falcon Heights, and leaving the Ramsey Washington Suburban Cable Commission to use that funding to form the City’s first Communications Department

Finally, the Mayor outlined three actions she, the staff and Council are eager to work on in 2017:
  • The City’s new Business Engagement Program 
  • Continuing the City’s vital work on racial equity efforts. The Mayor noted about 30 percent of Maplewood’s 40,000 residents are people of color and one of the City’s major goals is to have a staff that better reflects the community as a whole.
  • The City’s upcoming Fire Station Locations and Operational Review process, with the goal of thoroughly examining the already good Fire/EMS response times and the need for fire station investments
In conclusion, the Mayor said, “As we move forward into the New Year, I would like to challenge each of you
to seek out those common ties, search for those areas where we can work together, and continue to approach opportunities and obstacles with an attitude of shared discovery. I personally look forward to another year of working together with each of you to ensure a stronger, and even more successful and sustainable future for the City of Maplewood.”

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  1. Awards


    The Maplewood Awards program was created to inspire, recognize and reward business achievements in terms of growth, environmental awareness and contributions to the community. The awards will be presented at the January 2017 State of Maplewood Community Luncheon.

  2. Housing & Economic Development Commission

    Housing & Economic Development Commission

    The Housing and Economic Development Commission advises the Maplewood Economic Development Authority on issues relating to maintaining, expanding and diversifying the housing, economic and business opportunities in the City of Maplewood, while addressing the needs of the city’s residents’ quality of life and its environment.

City of Maplewood Community Engagement Breakfast – Oct. 12, 2016 

The City of Maplewood's Housing and Economic Development Commission and Maplewood's City Council recently hosted the city's second annual Community Engagement Breakfast on Wednesday, October 12, 2016. This breakfast fostered a discussion regarding demographic trends and changes that will be affecting the future of the local business community and the City. Speakers for the event included Matt Kramer, President of the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce and Peter Frosch, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Greater MSP. They shared information regarding trends in population shifts, workforce development, and an increase in demand for high-skilled and service industry jobs. Find Matt and Peter's presentations below. Mayor Nora Slawik unveiled Maplewood's Business Engagement Program which will focus on identifying businesses in the City that are likely to experience growth. City Manager Melinda Coleman also discussed the Maplewood Achievement Awards Program. The award winners will be announced at the State of the City Address on Thursday, January 12, 2017, 11:00a.m - 1:00p.m. at the Maplewood Community Center.